Schizofrenia tłumaczenie piosenki

In a city street, where nothing never happens
I was born without a cry without a doctor and in addition
In childhood, casually, plunged in solitude
Breed delusions of peace and freedom
The school buddies when using drugs
I believe in justice and fairness policy
I was a good Catholic and heterosexual
I lived in conjunction with my wife when we were together
Life to be according to the ideal scheme
Do not smoked and I did not drink, do not rape, not complained about anything
Ideology was to survive the first
I worked in shop and happy with that
I brought payment, home to repay
Very regular bank debt
As if nothing had happened, I left the house at night in May, it was warm
Stripped naked and I saw them falling red stars
I saw the town burned down and I saw crowds of people
I went hand – they died, then the other – parted, the heavens
White paved the way straight to God
I could talk to him about everything what I wanted
My eyes filled with tears, and in the heart of power
I was floating above the world met
Over the world stretched out my hands
I’ve been almost close to understanding
Understanding of the mystery of all creation

Schizofrenia, schizo, schziofre, schizofrenia …


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